George C. CHesbro Chesbro 2007 photo
George C. Chesbro Book Cover Gallery
Select one of the links below to view covers for each title. There are scans of both limited and mass-market editions, including domestic and foreign edtions.

All the covers  (156 images) (Can take a long time to download!)
Shadow of a Broken Man  (13 images)
City of Whispering Stone  (9 images)
An Affair of Sorcerers  (13 images)
The Beasts of Valhalla  (10 images)
Two Songs This Archangel Sings  (6 images)
The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone  (5 images)
Second Horseman Out of Eden  (4 images)
The Language of Cannibals  (5 images)
In the House of Secret Enemies  (4 images)
The Fear in Yesterday's Rings  (5 images)
Dark Chant in a Crimson Key  (5 images)
An Incident at Bloodtide  (5 images)
Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm  (4 images)
Dream of a Falling Eagle  (5 images)
Lord of Ice and Loneliness  (1 image)
Chant  (3 images)
Chant: Silent Killer  (3 images)
Chant: Code of Blood  (3 images)
Veil  (5 images)
Jungle of Steel and Stone  (4 images)
Bone  (7 images)
The Golden Child  (3 images)
Turn Loose the Dragons  (4 images)
Crying Freeman  (1 image)
King's Gambit  (4 images)
The Keeper  (2 images)
Prism: A Memoir as Fiction  (2 images)
Lone Wolves  (4 images)
Strange Prey and Other Tales of the Hunt  (3 images)
Short story appearances,
audiobooks, etc.
(14 images)

Non-U.S. Editions
The links below group the various covers by country of origin.

British editions  (8 images)
French editions  (27 images)
Brazilian editions  (1 image)
German editions  (3 images)
Dutch editions  (7 images)
Czech editions  (1 image)
Argentine editions  (2 images)
Japanese editions  (3 images)
Italian editions  (1 image)

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