George C. Chesbro Short Stories
Short Stories
  • Titles marked with "*" were collected in In the House of Secret Enemies.
  • Titles marked with "#" feature Mongo's brother, Garth.
  • Titles marked with "+" feature Veil Kendry.
  • Titles marked with "$" were collected in Lone Wolves
  • Titles marked with "&" were collected in Strange Prey

    • "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine"

      "First Strike" #$December 1991
      "The White Bear" #$May 1992
      "Lone Wolf" #$July 1993
      "Haunts" #$October 1993
      "Forced Moves" #mid-December 1993
      "The Lazarus Gate" +September-October 1996
      "The Problem with the Pigs" #$#670, June 1997
      "Unmarked Graves" +$#673, September 1997

    • "Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine"

      "Snake in the Tower" &March 1969
      "Strange Prey" &August 1970
      "Tourist Trap" &October 1970
      "Firefight of the Mind" &November 1970
      "The Paper War"January 1971
      "The Shadow in the Mirror"March 1971
      "Short Circuit"October 1971
      "High Wire" *March 1972
      "Broken Pattern" &May 1972
      "Rage" *February 1973
      "Dark Hole on a Silent Planet" *November 1973
      "Night Flight" June 1974
      "The Healer" *August 1974
      "Four Knights Game" &September 1974
      "Falling Star" *November 1974
      "King's Indian Defense"December 1974
      "The Dragon Variation" &August 1975
      "Priests" $September 1991
      "Tomb" $October 1993
      "Home Inversion" #June 2009

    • "Fantasy and Science Fiction"

      "The Sun Pond"(as George Chesbro) March 1971
      "Grand Design"December 1971
      "Poems to Play in the Piccolo"May 1982

    • "Worlds of If Science Fiction"

      "The Seventh Man"September/October 1970

    • "Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine"

      "The Drop" *October 1971
      "Country for Sale" *June 1973
      "The Club of Venice" &March 1974
      New!!"Dreams" &April 1975
      "Book of Shadows" *June 1975
      "Tiger in the Snow" *March 1976
      "The Finest of Families"July 1977

    • "Mystery Monthly"

      "House of Rain"November 1976

    • In The New Mystery, edited by Jerome Charyn, published by Dutton in 1993: "Imagine This"

    • In Dark Love, edited by Nancy Collins, Martin H. Greenberg, and Edward E. Kramer, published by Penguin/Roc in 1995: "Waco"

    • In An Eye for Justice, edited by Robert J. Randisi, published by Mysterious Press in 1988: "Candala"*

    • In Unholy Orders: Mystery Stories with a Religious Twist, edited by Serita Stevens, published by Intrigue Press, November 2000: "Model Town" $

    • Collected in In the House of Secret Enemies:

      "Introduction: The Birth of a Series Character"The Writer, Mar '89
      "Book of Shadows"Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1975
      "Candala"An Eye for Justice, ed. Robert J. Randisi, Mysterious Press, 1988
      "Country for Sale"Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1973
      "Dark Hole on a Silent Planet"AHMM Nov '73
      "The Drop"Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Oct '71
      "Falling Star"AHMM Nov '74
      "The Healer"AHMM Aug '74
      "High Wire"AHMM Mar '72
      "Rage"AHMM Feb '73
      "Tiger in the Snow"Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Mar '76

    Also, reprints of stories have appeared in:

    • "Unmarked Graves", in The Cutting Edge: The Best and Brightest Mystery Writers of the 90s, edited by Janet Hutchings, Carroll & Graf, 1998.
    • "Imagine This", in The Crime Lover's Casebook, edited by Jerome Charyn.
    • New!! "Four Knights Game", in Win, Lose or Die, edited by Cynthia Manson and Constance Scarborough, Carroll & Graf, 1996.
    • New!! "Priests", in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Presents Fifty Years of Crime and Suspense, edited by Linda Landrigan, Pegasus Books, June 2006.
    • New!! "Broken Pattern", in Dark Lessons: Crime and Detection on Campus, edited by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1994.
Non-fiction articles
  • "Tell the Reader Where It Hurts", in The Writer, February 1996. Subtitled "Creating characters with problems". Summary: Fictional heroes and heroines with emotional or physical problems can appeal to readers and can help bring a unique perspective to the stories.

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