Dark Chant in a Crimson Key
Comments from George C. Chesbro
Once again, as in Two Songs This Archangel Sings, a favored character from another series is folded into Mongo's entourage.

Here, ignoring stern and persistent warnings, Mongo travels to Europe to track the "world's most feared and wanted terrorist," and quickly begins to learn that things are not always what they seem.

For a world-class philanthropist, Emmet P. Neuberger is a most unlikable man. Certainly in the opinion of world-class private investigator, Dr. Robert Frederickson, aka "Mongo the Magnificent." When Neuberger offers the detective what amounts to a free vacation in Switzerland, Mongo is suspicious and unenthusiastic.

The coffers of Neuberger's Cornucopia Foundation have been depleted to the tune of ten million dollars by a mysterious international criminal and confidence man known as John "Chant" Sinclair; his artful manipulation of the organization's financial computer system has rerouted cash earmarked for medical aid to third world countries. Although Interpol is on the job, Neuberger wants Mongo to keep an eye on the investigation and report back to him personally.

A major drawback to the assignment is that Sinclair does not share the typical confidence man's aversion to violence---a highly trained master of the martial arts, the swindler has been known to literally burn the eyes and brains out of men who've crossed him.

And now the facts Mongo is turning up in Zurich seem to show that Cornucopia may not be as charitable as it's cracked up to be---and that the criminal Sinclair may be anything but....

---From the dustjacket of the Mysterious Press edition
Quotes from the novel
  • "...At heart, I'm really a simple farm boy from Nebraska." -Mongo
  • "...the best way to hide something is to pretend there's nothing to hide." -Veil Kendry

  • "...it takes as much love and courage to accept a great gift as it does to give it." -Veil Kendry

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