Dream of a Falling Eagle
Comments from George C. Chesbro
Bleeding In The Eye Of A Brainstorm and Dream of a Falling Eagle were written under a two-book contract with Otto Penzler Books, which had a distribution arrangement with Simon & Schuster. When this arrangement fell apart, S&S ended up cntrolling many books that had been signed up, and they failed to publish many of them. I was lucky. It was also somewhat ironic that the last two Mongos ended up being published by the same company that had published the first three.

The genesis for Dream was an ongoing and abiding anger at the brutal regimes the US has supported, both overtly and covertly, over the years in pursuit of its own agenda.

The genesis for Bleeding was work I had done with very seriously mentally ill children (an experience described in Prism). Most of the powerful anti-psychotic medications these children must take have extreme and very unpleasant side effects. I just started thinking, "What if there were anti-psychotic medications that had unexpected, dramatic and arguably positive side effects?" and away I went.

A purloined poem, a sinister voodoo ritual, an encrypted computer disk---what do these things have in common? How do they connect to a plot to assassinate the president and vice president of the United States? That's what Dr. Robert Frederickson, a.k.a. Mongo the Magnificent, and his brother, Garth, are trying to figure out in George C. Chesbro's wildest Mongo mystery yet.

Mongo is a dwarf, private detective, martial arts expert, ex-circus headliner, and criminologist. He and his brother are working on two separate cases---or so they think. In one, they are preparing a report as part of a special committee investigating illegal CIA activities in Haiti, a report that could put the Company permanently out of business. In the other, Moby Dickens---an ex-con sanitation worker whose girth nearly matches his namesake's---is having his poetry plagiarized. The trail in the first case leads Mongo and Garth to five brutally butchered bodies---all victims of voodoo ritual sacrifice. Surprisingly, the trail in the second case leads Mongo to the office of the ultra-conservative Speaker of the House of Representatives, William P. Kranes.

Mongo's cases collide when Moby's body is also found mutilated in the same ritual fashion. One step ahead of local police and the FBI, Mongo investigates the connections between his two cases and discovers a plot that will not only put him and his brother face-to-face with death, but will change the history of the United States forever.

---From the dust jacket of the Simon & Schuster edition
Quotes from the novel
  • "What have we got to do that's more important than putting a stop to the theft of a man's soul?" -Garth
  • "...You think the world is ready for a big-budget film about a dwarf private detective? I see Schwarzenegger in the lead, with DeVito playing Garth." -Mongo

  • "...Patriotism is just another form of religion, and like all religion its' bad for the individual and frequently deadly to the people around him." -Mongo

  • "...if I had my way, every single so-called 'house of worship' on the planet would be outfitted with a sign warning that 'the creationist and exclusionary fantasies for sale in this establishment are hazardous to your health and the health of others.' " -Mongo

  • "...I still don't understand how you can live with the chauvinistic, ill-tempered, stand-up comedian so many humans call God. It truly is a mystery to me. If I did believe in this deity, I'd be a guerrilla fighter looking for a suitable replacement. I mean, your guy is worse than useless, he's arbitrary." -Mongo

  • "I don't believe countries should be loved or hated; they should be constantly be improved by the people who live within their borders, and especially by their leaders." -Mongo

  • "...You can't carve scrimshaw with a chainsaw." -Guy Fournier

  • "...Betrayal is not only the price of power, but the very essence of power itself." -Guy Fournier

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