The Golden Child
  • Chesbro's first novelization.
  • Originally published in paperback by Pocket Books in 1986. Published in hardcover in the UK by Severn House, and in paperback in the UK by Futura in 1987.

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In the tranquil cloister of a Tibetan monastery sits the Golden Child, a magical boy of such purity and goodness that everyone he touches is imbued with his mystic grace.

Down the mean streets of Losa Angeles, Chandler Jarrell patrols, a wisecracking private eye specializing in the recovery of runaways and missing children.

When the Golden Child is ingeniously kidnapped and spirited off to California by the evil Sardo and his fiendish accomplices, he must be rescued at any cost. And Chandler Jarrell, against his will and better judgement, finds himself persuaded to tkae the case by a mysterious Eastern lady.

Facing the forces of supreme evil with a handgun, a beautiful Oriental client, and a growing sense that the whole thing is an awful mistake, Chandler must find the boy before it is too late.

The Golden Child, starring Eddie Murphy and Charles Dance, is a delightful mix of humor, adventure, mystery and romance: a combination of Beverly Hills Cop and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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