Lord of Ice and Loneliness
  • The fifteenth book in the Mongo series.

  • To be published in France by Rivages in June 2006. The French translation is by Jean Esch.

  • There is no U.S. publisher yet.
Note: this synopsis was computer-translated from a French web page by the translation tools at Google.com. The text has not been corrected.

Doctor Robert Frederickson is a criminologist and famous detective. In another life, it was known under the name of Mongo the Splendid one and occurred in a circus, as a dwarf acrobat. Capacity of Mongo to take up the most phenomenal challenges being inversely proportional to its size, here once again with the catches with the apocalypse. It goes, with the clean direction, food a descent into Hell.

The erosion of a glacier in Alaska has just revealed an immense unknown cave up to now. Several people already died to have wanted to explore it. Left with research Marc Coletis, an unbalanced young man who ventured in this underground labyrinth, Mongo discovers, in the medium of mutant creatures, the vestiges of a very old civilization. The new one makes great noise and Coletis, kind of rescapé miraculous, quickly becomes a new god whose name is from now on Hortus.

Mongo cannot remain the arms crossed vis-a-vis this religious hysteria supplied with the merchants of apocalypse, the more so as its life is directly threatened. In an environment of is delirious mystical and of handling on a large scale, it finds the trace of old "a friend" and discovers the existence of a mysterious organization specialized in the manufacture of the miracles. Its goal? To prevent the extinction of the human race, only that. Alas, the hell is paved good intentions.

George Chesbro is one of the large American representatives of the novel of adventure and all its topics of predilection are joined together here: its taste for supernatural environments and the fantastic one, counterbalanced by a defense of rationality and freedom, incarnée by its Mongo hero.

---From the web site of French publisher Rivages

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